Sunset Dance Space

Non-profit community and association

What is it?

The Sunset Dance Space is a non-profit association and is also mainly a creative project. It started from the need to create a SPACE, where art performers can dedicate time to his/her work with tranquility, in a safe and welcoming environment. The space includes features which each dance professional would like to find.

What to do here?

The Sunset Dance Space is a space for creation, for choreographic composition, for dance in its different styles, for yoga and for a creative culture in general. The events which take place here are meant to support contemporary artists, and anybody who considers dance as a way to support well-being, as the expression of our deep self and Art gives us the opportunity to dream and live better.


The mission at Sunset Dance Space is to create a vibrant and inclusive community of people, who share a passion for art and movement. We offer a welcoming and supportive space, where artists from all over the world can meet to learn, create and share their talents. Our classes and events inspire creativity, fostering a greater interest in the beauty and power of dance. Our commitment to excellence and innovation takes shape in the professional teachers and choreographers we invite to Sunset Dance and the diversified programme we offer. Dance is a universal language, transcending borders and limits, connecting people of any age and origin. Whether you are a professional artist, aspiring dancer, or just interested in exploring the world of dance, we invite you to be part of the Sunset Dance Space and join our lively international community.

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Non-profit community and association

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