Performing arts


At the Sunset Dance Space we host dance artists with usually from 7 up to 10 days residencies.

Contact us for more details.


Every week there are opportunities to study dance and yoga. Workshops and masterclasses are happening at some weekends. Check out our calendar for news and events.

Promotion for emerging artists

We need space. Everybody needs space to explore and give room to ideas. This is why we are also hiring the space for creation and open to organize open stages for dance performances and work in progress. Especially for those who enjoy researching and exploring through movement and layers of meanings.

Art and nature

We believe that art and nature are essential to human being. Art can save our life, nature is our greatest teacher. This is why we try to support events connected to both of them. We are open to ideas for events and projects. Keep connected to our upcoming events and do not hesitate to contact us for proposals.

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